Learn Reflexology for Longevity

When I started out in my therapist career I was always in awe of reflexology. Intrigued possibly by the fact my mum had had reflexology for years, and raved about it!

When I started my own business within a health club I was lucky to work alongside a totally amazing, yet a little eccentric, reflexologist. Eccentric not being the usual word for a perceived calming holistic therapist. She specialised in reflexology and had been doing it for her whole career. She had so much deeper knowledge of the persons wellbeing that I had ever seen. I invested a lot of time ensuring we did treatment swaps!!

I always knew that one day I would complete my reflexology training not only for my own interest, but I also saw it as a career investment as a way to protect myself from the dreaded therapist RSI. Training courses for reflexology were also very intensive in time and requiring several case studies, I knew I would need time to focus on completing this course.

I had completed a foot zone therapy course and even a Thai foot massage course, which were a day in length for convenience and sheer interest. With much fun introducing them to my clients.

Then years later and I discovered the Guild of professional beauty offering the online theory which I could study and complete in my own time, followed by a practical day assessment. This was and still is, a game changer when it comes to upskilling in this industry. We all manage to juggle so much in our lives. I had a young family, home renovations and a salon to run. Studying in spare time an hour a night and at weekends worked out perfectly. All that being said the theory course felt like I was back to my college days of knowledge. It is jammed packed with refreshing knowledge of all the bodies systems, circulatory, lymphatic, respiratory, endocrine and nervous system. It was intense but I certainly felt completely renewed that even after all these years, it managed to assist my everyday salon work too.