The treatment that clients fall in love with.

Whether that will be for your magic touch during the massage section, or the skin benefits that can be instantly seen, or even the confidence that the client oozes from seeing thier fresh skin.

A passionate service that I offer and have spent my entire career learning more about skin. Fascinated by how the skin we live in reflects the internal us. Along with the need to understand the skins behaviour from how we treat our bodies and what products we choose to use.

I feel the world of skin is endless and a complete boggle for the public to choose from. The need for the professional and qualified skin therapists are required!! You will be sought out for your knowledge and expertise. You will have clients with skin concerns seek you, along with those that find this treatment thier go to for relaxation and that feel good factor!

Our facial course covers the basics of the facial routine along with in depth skin knowledge. The theory is delivered online via the guild. Split into modules so you can complete in sections at your own pace.

The practical assessment is a day in length to ensure you grasp the routine and hand movements required in a full treatment.

This course is accredited by the Guild of Professional Beauty, ensuring you can gain insurance to provide chargeable services to your clients.

If you have a qualification already covering facials then this course is ideal as a refresher or to acess the practical day and allow us to bespoke the areas you need support with perfecting.

If you require just practical training then feel free to get in touch and we can bespoke you training session/s as you need.

I am also happy to advise you towards further outside skin training you can undertake.

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