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Become a member for access to training courses, business consultancy and support plus free bonus materials. 

Membership is currently free. To become a member of the R.S Training Academy please complete the request form below. Once you are a member you will have access to more pages.

As a one-to-one training centre contact is kept to direct messaging and email communication, providing you with a safe personal service.


Learning something new can bring different challenges for individuals. As a trainer it is my job to help you face and find ways around any barriers to learning. Free support is offered when you complete any of the available training courses purchased through R.S Training Academy. Whether that be a phone call, message or email to ask questions you may have.


R.S Certified courses can be delivered via a zoom meeting or workbook. All R.S Certified have a quiz assessment that will be required on completion of the theory. Certificates will be provided in a downloadable format or a paper copy can be sent to you for an additional £15.00

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